Process plants - structure thanks to the all-in-one solution

We commission process plants primarily for our pharmaceutical industry customers. These are complex systems, where the primary focus is on the transformation of different substances. Depending on which substances are involved and how they should be processed by the plant, a categorical distinction can be made: Mechanical, chemical or thermal processes are at the heart of each system. At Mack Automation, we would be happy to support you and your customers with our extensive experience in commissioning process plants.

Putting process plants into operation should not only be planned in a structured way, but also implemented with the necessary know-how. Especially with the medicinal products manufacturers, precision and reliability are in high demand. For this reason, Mack Automation offers all-in-one solutions for the commissioning of process plants: You get all relevant services from a single source meaning you can rely on consistently high quality standards for all work processes. From hardware integration to control software implementation on over to the installation of suitable visualizations for a well-functioning and easy-to-use interface between human and machine—we guarantee you competence, extensive field experience and, above all, a plus in reliability. With our help you can look forward to commissioning your process plants with a high level of planning security. Contact us.

More security thanks to preparation

Whenever process plants are initialized, a structured and reliable course of action is recommended. This is the reason that at Mack Automation we normally first virtually commission the process system before actually putting it into operation, which makes it possible to test the interaction of individual components of the plant in advance. If all components are optimally working together, the system is set up on the site of your customer. Should malfunctions occur, cycle times need to be optimized further or if there is room for any other improvements, we act cost-effectively and quickly before the actual initialization.

Comprehensive documentation for a plus in security

Process systems are only a good investment if they deliver the intended results long term. Even if plant expansion or repairs later become necessary, they can be implemented quicker and easier if the proper documentation is available. In order to be able to ensure detailed systems documentation, we accordingly record all steps related to commissioning and summarize them in a comprehensive final report.

Commissioning process plants with pinpoint accuracy

Process plants must be put into operation with the same pinpoint accuracy as production plants. This not only means that initialization must be carried out expertly according to all regulations and specifications, but also with concrete schedule adherence. After all, delays can cost companies large amounts and even lead to downtime and stoppage. That's why we at Mack Automation rely on detailed planning to promise stability. However, the plus in performance you can expect from us not only manifests itself in planning reliability, but also in our service range: We integrate hardware, control software as well as visualizations and, of course, also take care of connecting the interfaces to the superordinate control technology. If you want to commission process systems as part of plant expansion, we will integrate third-party systems.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner to get your process plants perfectly up and running quickly and efficiently, Mack Automation is the right choice for you and your project. We have more than 40 years of business experience giving us the expertise and work force needed to put your process engineering plants to work. Beyond that we are always ready to provide you with a plus in service for even more planning security and flexibility. Virtual commissioning, comprehensive documentation—it is all part of our service. You would like to know more about our services? Contact us today—we would like to help you.

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