The services for implementing automation technology and industrial electrical-cabinet construction provided by Mack Automation GmbH are utilized in a wide variety of industries, because the usage of fully automated systems within various economic sectors enables low-cost, energy-efficient and effective production of goods and products. Mack Automation is active among some of the most important economic sectors including the automotive industry and its suppliers as well as the field of mechanical engineering, which is represented by numerous locations in Germany and neighboring countries.

Both industrial assembly and robot programming are of crucial importance here. Other important sectors of the economy with demand for automation technology and electrical-cabinet construction are companies in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology as well as in pharmaceutical and food industries. They are extensively equipped with process-engineering systems that work more cost-effectively, more energy-efficiently and more precisely thanks to automation technology from Mack Automation.


The automobile industry is one of the most important economic engines of our time. Innovation, safety and maximum performance are the cornerstones upon which it is built.

Chemicals - innovative strength in all disciplines

The chemical industry is one of the trades with the greatest coupling effects and links to many other economic and industrial sectors.

Air conditioning and refrigeration technology - highest reliability thanks to great ideas

The two most important driving forces for the 3,500 companies in Germany’s air conditioning and refrigeration industry are innovation and effectiveness.

Food industry - better prospects thanks to the highest standards

With sales of more than 170 billion euros (2016) and around 6,000 businesses, the food industry is one of the five most economically viable sectors in Germany and is a driver of innovation that should not be underestimated.

Healthcare industries

While globalisation offers many opportunities for economic success, it certainly brings risks in other areas. The year 2020 has shown how vulnerable humanity is becoming to pathogens that do not respect the borders of nation states, for which even thousands of kilometres of distance between continents are no obstacle, and whose spread can ultimately only be stopped by sustainable hygiene measures.

Pharmaceuticals - products for a healthier life

Along with other industries, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important pillars of the German economy.

Parking systems

The striving for individuality always generates an urge for mobility and independence. Despite all efforts to the contrary, also in the field of public transport, it can be assumed that the number of vehicles in Germany, Europe and worldwide will steadily increase or at least not decrease significantly, while at the same time there is a need for more and more living space, office capacity and leisure space.