Electrical-Cabinet Construction - all-in-one solutions and customizations

To ensure that plants and machines can smoothly perform their tasks, it is important that the associated electrical system and electronics are protected as well as functionally housed. Usually, the electronic equipment elements are installed in so-called electrical cabinets. However, Electrical-Cabinet Construction not only covers designing and constructing the cabinets themselves, but also includes other tasks according to your individual project demands. Whether a large-scale automation project or a single order - at Mack Automation we take care of custom-made electrical-cabinet construction. We implement our own designs or on request use external design specifications.

Electrical-Cabinet Construction encompasses a variety of services: For example, we manufacture electrical cabinets for power distribution as well as so-called feeder cabinets. These electrical cabinets not only regulate the central energy supply, but also keep track of energy consumption and load management. In addition, control cabinets belong to our product range. Modern switch, control, measurement and regulation techniques are standard for us in electrical-cabinet construction, whereby national and international norms are always taken into account. Upon request, we can also use specific non-European standards for electrical-cabinet construction, because our international team would be happy to assist you with projects around the globe.

Not only the manufacturing of electrical cabinets is important in Electrical-Cabinet Construction. Terminal boxes and control panels are also made individually by us. As the interface between operator and machine, control panels are crucial to system efficiency. If you desire, the monitoring of machine conditions or production operation is possible with the help of customized equipment. Of course, we also supply you with the necessary custom housing for customized products directly - totally reliable and on time.

Safety and efficiency go hand-in-hand at Mack Automation. For this reason, we not only focus on compliance with relevant regulations and safety standards in Electrical-Cabinet Construction, but also carry out an independent test for each electrical cabinet postproduction. We would be happy to share the associated results and documented measurement protocols with you. Contact us.

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