In over 40 years, we have built up comprehensive, cross-sector know-how. This makes us a competent partner who develops customised solutions in close cooperation with the customer. Our highly qualified employees accompany you safely from the project planning phase through construction to final commissioning, and after completion of a project we remain a reliable contact partner in the area of service and maintenance.

Our services for the following areas

Hardware Construction: the plus for individual solutions

Regarding a company’s automation technology, production targets are hit or miss in accordance with hardware design. Inefficiently planned plants or outdated systems simply cannot deliver the desired output, which hinders the potential of large investments.

Software Construction for individual programming

When it comes to setting up industrial systems, three components must be considered during instal-lation: the operator, the system itself (hardware construction) and the software. The latter is respon-sible for the operation of the system as well as control elements and ensures that all work processes run smoothly within the system.

Robot programming for your tasks and application areas

The automation of work processes in industrial production as well as in logistics has been standard in numerous industries for many years. The use of industrial robots in technical systems allows for shortened cycle times during production, more precise work results and reduced operating costs.

Industrial Assembly - more power for more productivity

When industrial plants are planned, the focus is initially on hardware construction and software development. Nonetheless, it is not just user-friendly operation and a well structured planning of the systems that are relevant to success: Other aspects must also be taken into account when assembling the system.

Plant Commissioning - precision and structure right from the start

Precision, coordination and expertise are required for the initial operation of a plant right from the start. Expensive investments in production or welding lines are profitable only when all relevant aspects are taken into account during commissioning.