Plant Commissioning - precision and structure right from the start

Precision, coordination and expertise are required for the initial operation of a plant right from the start. Expensive investments in production or welding lines are profitable only when all relevant aspects are taken into account during commissioning: Accurate and complete documentation, integrating hardware and control software, establishing optimal interfaces and visualizations are just a few of the factors that have to be considered. Our competent team of experienced commissioning engineers, software engineers and other specialists support you and your project during plant initialization on site - in Germany and around the world.

For Plant Commissioning, Mack Automation has specialized primarily in three areas. We are, however, always interested in expanding our technical know-how in order to be able to offer you a plus on service. Recently, we have put numerous process facilities for the pharmaceutical industry into operation. At the beginning of commissioning a plant, a virtual initialization is often needed to check and analyze all elements of the system as well as their interaction. Because of this, we can provide you with greater certainty of the subsequent optimal operation of the plant and recognize possible faulty designs or vulnerabilities at an early stage.

In addition to process plants, Mack Automation also commissions production facilities, which are designed for entirely different purposes and used in many fields. Accordingly, production facilities are planned individually. At Mack Automation, we know about varying characteristics and can quickly adapt to completely new production systems. Our comprehensive start-up support during plant commissioning also includes an initial cycle time optimization to ensure that the system is set perfectly and delivers the best possible results from the start.

Welding lines are used primarily in the automotive industry and require extensive expertise from commissioning engineers during plant initialization. Various welding robots and other elements not being perfectly coordinated can have serious consequences for plant productivity as well as the success of your project. This is why you should rely on professional full-service from Mack Automation when commissioning your welding lines as well as with your other systems. Contact us.

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