Software Construction for individual programming

When it comes to setting up industrial systems, three components must be considered during instal-lation: the operator, the system itself (hardware construction) and the software. The latter is respon-sible for the operation of the system as well as control elements and ensures that all work processes run smoothly within the system. Through software, the operator is able to use the equipment, ascertain work progress, recognize dangers or malfunctions and take any necessary countermeas-ures. Mack Automation is here to assist you with Software Construction in the field of automation technology with a plus in expertise and experience on many levels.

Nowadays automation systems, such as those used in various industries, are generally based on so-called programmable logic controllers. Using PLC, information can be simultaneously gathered via sensors and actuators as well as dispensed in the form of work commands. In order to be able to carry out these two processes based on the objectives set by you and your customer, PLC-software construction or the installation of such software is necessary. In addition, the appropriate interface should be set up in the form of visualizations and user interfaces. We design so-called human-machine interfaces that are intuitive, logically structured and enable optimal documented use of the panel and / or systems. At the same time, this strategic approach will facilitate future system expan-sion, specifications and even possible necessary troubleshooting.

At Mack Automation we are not only experts in software development for PLC systems, but we have also made a name for ourselves in the field of computer numerical control systems. Wherever modern machine tools need to have maximum precision and speed, CNC is used today. While developing your software, we will set up a customized CNC system for your project that is characterized by user-friendliness, effectiveness and a plus in individuality. Contact us.

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