Visualizations - customized interface optimization

When it comes to the effective use of programmable controls as well as the installation and set-up of PLC and individualized PLC software construction, the visualization is of great importance. The main focus of the visualization is to monitor the information provided by the PLC. Depending on the particular objective, various options regarding realization are possible. In addition to the visualization, emphasis is also placed on a customized and uncomplicated user interface to transmit user commands to equipment and systems via the controller. The visualization and user interface combined are known as the human-machine interface (HMI). The HMI is thus the interface between operator and machine and is fundamental to the successful installation of automation systems. At Mack Automation we would be happy to install and set-up visualizations and user interfaces on your behalf.

In order for automation systems to be used effectively and promptly after installation, operation and control of the equipment should be easy to learn and practical to use. To achieve this, visualizations and corresponding user interfaces are important. Even without extensive training, operators can control equipment and systems using the interfaces and, if necessary, intervene to optimize or correct work processes. For this to be possible for this to be possible, it is important that the corresponding HMI be programmed and set up individually with focus on functionality and simplicity. This is where Mack Automation shines—our software experts, thanks to many years of extensive experience, design individual visualizations and interfaces according to your ideas or project specifications. Contact us.

More performance with a plus of simplicity

Simple solutions are often the best—this also applies to visualizations and user interfaces for PLCs. When setting up HMIs, it is therefore of utmost importance to find simple, yet intuitive solutions. By contrast, the most complex and non-transparent processes are reduced to a minimum. The goal is to enable operators to learn to use the PLC within a very short time. Accordingly, Mack Automation values not only well thought-out and transparently structured solutions, but also comprehensive documentation.

Experience enables quick action

In day-to-day business, Mack Automation relies on the HMIs of the respective manufacturers of the actual controls when setting up visualizations and user interfaces. This not only saves time, but also resources because no interfaces have to be developed or programmed. Of course, when it comes to your individual project, it may be necessary to consider alternative modules to meet your specifications.

With intuitive visualizations to success

To gather information quickly and process it in a targeted manner, operators of automation equipment rely on simple and easy-to-understand visualizations. At the same time, user interfaces should be designed and structured in such a manner that usage becomes intuitive. In order to be able to implement these aspects quickly and effectively, we often work with different HMIs from varying manufacturers. We have had, together with our clients, convincing experiences with products from Siemens TIA, Siemens WinCC, Siemens WinCC flexible, Rockwell FactoryTalk View ME / SE, GTI-control PROCON-WIN as well as COPA-DATA zenon and many more. If your demands on an HMI cannot be met with the help of these products, of course we will also develop other options as part of our services.

The ideal composition of an interface between operator and machine is crucial for the effectiveness of industrial plant technology. With the help of visualizations and user interfaces, control systems receive a "face" and system use becomes simple and fast. This is why you should rely on our experienced experts when setting up HMIs, who will present you with a solution system tailored to you and your project. Experience and proven expertise complemented ideally with the ability to innovate and commitment. Please contact us immediately.

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