PLC-software construction - safe and individual control systems

Programmable logic controllers have been standard equipment for many years and have long since replaced previous control methods, such as hardwired relays. The advantage of PLCs is that they not only complete a multitude of tasks, but also collect a great deal of data while doing so. In com-parison to earlier methods, they are also extremely precise and provide a plus in flexibility. In the field of hardware construction, Mack Automation upgrades PLCs in automated systems. Yet, even the most modern control systems are not worth much without properly customized software. That is why, if desired, we will also design PLC software tailored to your customer's systems and projects.

Software Construction is fundamental because PLC sensors and actuators will not function optimally if the user program is not appropriate. This can lead to loss of plant effectiveness and even ultimately become a safety risk. Accordingly, it is important for all classic industrial sectors that use modern automation systems to give sufficient attention to PLC-software construction . At Mack Automation, we would be happy to assist you with this task: No matter if the controls are already installed or if we should select them in accordance with the targets and requirements of the project for you and your client - our experienced hardware and software engineers will put the power of more than forty years of business experience into your software. Contact us.

Comprehensive experience for fast results

In PLC-software construction, you benefit from the wealth of experience at Mack Automation, where PLCs from many manufacturers play a role - Beckhoff TwinCAT, Siemens S5 and S7, Siemens Sinumerik, Rockwell ControlLogix and GuardLogix, Bosch IndraLogic, WAGO Controller PFC, Pilz PSS and Schneider Electric Concept are some of the renowned and well-established systems we implement. Of course, if so desired, we would be happy to work with other systems - so you can take advantage of our plus in flexibility.

Proven systems for reliable performance

PLC-software construction uses a variety of bus systems to provide expansion possibilities, simultaneous use of information and greater flexibility. At Mack Automation, we focus on PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, IO-Link, INTERBUS, ControlNet, DeviceNet and many more. Depending on the nature of the project or if desired, alternative systems are, of course, always an option.

Adapt PLC-software construction to your goals

PLCs provide a maximum of flexibility because they help to adapt and realign automation systems. Additionally, they enable precise and maximally efficient operation of systems, while various sen-sors simultaneously register all relevant information and forward it to the user. In order for information processing to be purposeful and the operator to be able to use the PLC effectively, individually tailored PLC-software construction is of importance. In the interest of your customer, you should not use off-the-rack solutions, because a plus in effectiveness can only be achieved through a maximum of customization.

For your Software Construction needs, our well-trained and experienced team is always ready to assist you and your project. In addition to programming and PLC-software construction, we are also happy to take care of the appropriate user interface visualizations. Simply present the basic parameters and objectives of your project during a face-to-face consultation and we will explain how you can benefit from our range of services at all levels in the field of automation technology.

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