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Electronic systems have been completely standard in numerous industries for many years. If you want to work productively, efficiently and cost-effectively, there is no way around integrating electronic-engineering systems today. Increases in production due to improved synchronization, precision maximization through the use of automated modules as well as a plus in profit thanks to reduced downtime, material waste and labor costs are some of the key advantages automation technology brings to the table. In order for you and / or your customer to achieve this for your respective projects, let us take over the electronic-system engineering for you.

As an expert in automation technology, we are the right partner for you when it comes to constructing electronic systems. All systems, which we plan at our facilities and construct according to your project demands, are not only tested by us, but also installed on site by our experienced technicians and start-up engineers. During electronic-system engineering, we also construct the electrical cabinets, which of course takes place before the actual on-site installation. In order to protect your large investment and ensure everything runs smoothly during the initialization of the elaborately designed system, we are at your side as an experienced partner. Our extensive expertise of more than forty years of business activity is at your disposal. Contact us.

Wide range of services for a plus in efficiency

In electronic-system engineering, at Mack Automation we take care of all necessary tasks. Therefore, we not only construct the system at our facilities, but also build the track system at your site. Afterwards, of course, we take care of the installation and connect all electrical and optical cables. As a result, you can expect a consistent level of craftsmanship of the highest quality during all work steps of your project. In addition, the coordination of all work steps by our construction-site management allows for an improved flow of communication and information, which generates smooth processes.

A great network for great service

On-time delivery is integral to our service and is one of our most important features. Thanks to our large network of experienced partners, we not only undertake the installation and implementation of labor-intensive systems with our own lead technicians, but also cooperate with our partners for an even larger workforce depending on the project. But our services do not stop when it comes to existing systems: Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to identify potential weaknesses in electronic-engineering systems and can react purposefully to take the correct countermeasures to find solutions quickly.

Electronic-system engineering in expert hands

Electronic-system engineering encompasses a wide range of services that Mack Automation would be happy to take on for you. We not only design electronic systems for you at our facilities, but also undertake installation and start-up at your site. You can rest assured knowing that we only rely on competent and experienced employees, who are well-trained with the necessary expertise to work for you. With our expert knowledge and necessary innovative strength, we also construct electrical cabinets individually tailored to your project goals at our site. But our electronic-system-engineering services do not stop here: At Mack Automation we also take care of track construction and the required electrical work. This is how you get all services from a single source.

Safety and detailed documentation are very important in electronic-system engineering. At Mack Automation we only work by the book. All tests are carried out by us are in accordance with regulations and customer specifications and are properly documented. Not only are all legal requirements met, but you will also have all the documents and information you need to expand, modernize or repair your electronic system in the future. You want to collaborate with true professionals for the electronic-system engineering of your project and benefit from more than forty years of experience in many industries at the domestic and international level? At Mack Automation, we are already looking forward to meeting you and your project.

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