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National as well as international companies face many challenges in day-to-day business. Growth and innovation are regarded as important drivers to being able to thrive in a market with a strong economy. This subjects production facilities repeatedly to various changes. As companies grow and establish themselves in other countries or regions, plant relocation can be vital to strategic planning. Relocating facilities protects investments and ensures business productivity. At Mack Automation, we will relocate your plant for you.

Plant relocations require a high degree of planning. Regardless of whether relocating entire production sites or merely plant components, specific factors must be taken into account. At Mack Automation, our industrial assembly specialists have already assisted numerous companies from various sectors in successfully dismantling productive plants or individual plant components and reconstructing them at their new site. A timely approach and effective planning ensure that downtimes are minimized so that the new production site can be put into operation at maximum capacity within a very short time. Contact us.

Consistent planning according to your specifications

If your customer expands or completely relocates production sites, it is important that plant relocation is well thought out and precisely timed. Too much time spent dismantling and reconstructing equipment at the new site means financial loss to your client. That is why at Mack Automation we offer a plus in coordination during plant relocation. We coordinate our tasks and work 100% with the planning goal of your customer so that they will be able to work efficiently again as quickly as possible.

Detailed documentation standard

When it comes to professional plant relocation, the associated documentation plays a crucial role. Only with the aid of detailed documentation can the individual steps of plant relocation be accounted for in retrospect. This not only has implications for the current plant relocation, but may also be helpful for similar projects in the future. In addition, detailed documentation ensures that all legal requirements are met.

Plant relocations with 100% accuracy

Since companies constantly change, it is important that you work with partners on behalf of your clients to help them with these changes. With regard to plant relocation, this not only includes carrying out individual technical steps, but also targeted and conscientious planning as well as the associated documentation. Accordingly, at Mack Automation we not only offer you expertise in dismantling and reconstructing as well as recommissioning plants and equipment, but thanks to our extensive experience we also offer you the necessary strategic planning reliability.

More than 40 years in the field have made us a valued partner for automation technology at many national and international companies. The plus in service we offer is a testament to our dedication and individual support at Mack Automation. Especially when it comes to plant relocations, at Mack Automation we are happy to help you take all relevant steps and factors into account. Simply contact us and together we will see which tasks we can take on for you.

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