With the introduction of compulsory masks in all German states, the demand for them has also risen sharply. While fabric scraps can be converted into protective masks for simple household use, so-called FFP2 or OP masks must be worn in hospitals, medical care centres and public authorities.

In order to meet the immense demand for protective masks, the VDMA (German Engineering Federation), among others, has called on machine manufacturers to convert their production and build corresponding machine systems. We also followed this call.

Together with our sister company, ruhlamat GmbH from Thuringia, we will manufacture plants for the production of medical respiratory masks. Our sister company in Thuringia has received hundreds of enquiries to date and already has more than 30 plants under construction. Now Elektro-Mack GmbH is also to support the production so that fast delivery times can be guaranteed.


Produktionsanlage OP-Masken Elektro Mack ruhlamat GmbH